Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thank god for Obama

Thank god for Obama!
Running a bit behind on blogging now so this is just a quick catch up on events of weekend to get me back up to date again!
Friday was mainly spent on Maternity where we saw and helped with a couple more births including one where the baby had the cord semi around his neck and had to have it cut whilst he was still coming out. A bit terrifying but fortunately he was ok as were the other babies born that day. Lots of babies being born on both Friday and Saturday – perhaps the popular midwife myth that more women go into labour around the full moon is correct!

On Saturday AJ went into the hospital (and saw 3 more babies being born!) but I was stuck waiting for the electrician to come (he didn’t even come! How very English!) as we now hadn’t had ANY electricity for 5 days. Thought this was a standard longer power cut to start with as we have many shorter ones every day. Turns out though it was just our house that didn’t have any electricity and we also haven’t had anything but muddy water coming out of our tank for over a week. So cold showers and coal fires for food have been our only option for a bit and we don’t even have enough clear water to have a decent shower. It’s fair to say we smell :P.

The other medics have gone to a posh hotel in the nearby big town for the weekend so it has just been me and AJ bumbling around the house in the dark. We are a little too attached now to a Barack Obama themed torch we were lent when we got here that has now been our only form of light most of the time for the past week!

Sunday evening: Electricity finally fixed! Happy days :D

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