Friday, 3 June 2011

Finals, but not final Finals

Am now in the middle of finals revision. It is quite an odd experience as this is my intercalated degree finals not my medical finals. So for most people at Lufbra this is the last set of exams before they finally graduate and so this revision period is the final effort to finish their 3 (or more years) of study and then its real world time. However for us intercalators it is just the end of this year and then right back to medical school.

Its quite hectic partly because have deadlines for medical school stuff to be sorting out (such as vaccinations and visas for my elective which is now very soon) but at least I have it easier than some of the intercalators from other medical schools - some of them officially start their next year at medical school before they have finished their exams here! (Lufbra is quite late finishing compared to other unis) . Nonetheless am currently in exam hell, so this is the extent of update that I am writing for now; first exam on monday, last on the following tuesday - so all nicely rammed together, fun fun fun! Module I am currently revising is horrific as for some unknown reason it contains lots of maths including stuff like magic/imaginary numbers. I remain unsure of why or where the relevance is.... Still week and a half then: intercalated degree= tick,done!