Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another day, another birth

Standard Monday long morning meeting today, most of discussion in Swahili again but did gather there was one patient here who had had his arm bitten off by a crocodile! Well that's definitely not a standard injury in England! Poor guy though, had been treated in a different hospital but now the amputation site has got very infected. Not easy here to be an amputee either I would imagine (and it’s not like its easy in the UK either) here you don't get given prosthetic limbs or in the case of leg amputations even crutches (there is a man who works in the hospital grounds here who has a missing leg and gets around using a 12 ft (ish) long pole which looks pretty exhausting!). So losing a limb causes an even greater decrease in quality of life here than in England.

Rest of day spent in labour ward where we eventually (quite slow progress again) saw another baby being born. Midwife did episiotomy but other than that Aj delivered the baby which was nice and healthy. I sneaked a standard cuddle with the baby afterwards which this time resulted in me getting peed on! Oh well at least the baby has no bladder problems I guess and besides I doubt this will be the last time seeing as I want to be a pediatrician!

The episiotomy repair was once again done by the light of my nokia flashlight, becoming quite standard now! The repair was pretty bad to be honest… the midwife didn’t really seem to know what she was doing and kept pinching the woman’s skin with the instruments and seemingly not realizing she was and wondering why the sutures were not pulling through. Aj had been offered to do the repair beforehand but declined, by the end we were both definitely wishing she had accepted!

Spent the rest of the day waiting for another birth but it ended up going to c section due to failure to progress late in the evening so we didn’t see that birth in the end.

That’s about all, not a fascinating day I’m afraid, just fairly standard one here.

Halfadoc x

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