Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The best FREE medical finals revision sources

Right, so this is going to be an ongoing resource that I will add to as I go along , but I figure finals are a problem that is best shared so it would be nice to have a list that all students can look at and add to in order to save us all doing the same research.  Please comment if you know of other sources and I will add them to the list :) (and steal your suggests for my own revision as well ;D).

Free Podcasts - good for revising on the go

  • http://saran.podomatic.com/ - easy to download, work straight away with windows media player.  I've not listened to them yet so I'll let you know what they are like soon (downloaded them for a long car drive!).
  • http://www.podmedics.com/ - not free but you can get a free 7 day trial.  So I guess you can liberate as many resources as possible during that time....And of course then sign up for the website if you like them...
    • There is a free podmedics podcast app with quite a few downloadable podcasts which are pretty good if you have an iphone
Non downloadable presentations/ podcasts (streaming only)
Youtube videos! (for those all important examinations you never learnt to do!):

  • geekymedics.com - looks really good from what I have looked at so far :)
  • http://almostadoctor.co.uk - really useful notes and sectioned in a very easy to use way.
  • www.askdoctorclarke.com - the courses and that aren't free but you can sign up to the website for free and theres a fair bit of revision material there 
  • http://passmed.co.uk/index.html - bit variable, has links to other free sites but lots of them are out of date (have been looking through for working ones!).  Some info on the site itself though.
....More to come!


  1. you just made my day! found those presentation/podcasts great to kick start my revision and refresh old knowledge! thanks for sharing the link :)


  2. Glad they helped :), adding more stuff to this as I find them so hopefully you will find more useful aspects later :)

  3. thanks so much!!! really useful

  4. Loved your blog
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thanks! They are great! I would like also add orthopedic residency. They work great as well!