Sunday, 16 April 2017

Where am I now?

To anyone out there still with this blog on their reading list..

Hi there! I fell off the blogging wagon a good few year back and its been a long old while since I posted... But heres a quick upshot of where my life has taken me:

  1. I'm now a paediatric trainee with a few years experience under my belt.  Remarkably this means I stuck to the speciality I thought I would be interested in right back when I started medical school which is probably pretty unusual.  I do love paediatrics itself and the kids crack me up (although occasionally some of the parents send me nuts - a fairly typical paediatrics problem!) but the current state of the NHS, our new job contract and challenges of the "modernising medical careers" pathway certainly add a degree of stress to things.
  2. Personal life is pretty good! I got my first house and got married last year plus got a couple of lovable but crazy cats!  
  3. Husband is also a paediatric trainee which is an interesting and unusual dynamic - good side is we can empathise with each other about all things paediatrics and revise for exams together but bad side is because we are exactly the same grade we have to compete against each other for jobs in the area we want.  The upshot of this is that for our next job rotation husband has my dream St3 job whereas Ive been lumbered with a 1.5hr one way commute (as I said, joys of modernising medical careers type training plus an oversized + underorganised deanery).  Still the secret to a good marriage is not seeing each other right??
  4. I'm considering sub specialising in neonates which is an area I never ever thought I'd be interested in until my last job which was tertiary neonates and I absolutely loved. 
  5. Passed my last proper exam this year so have got my paediatric membership now - Halfadoc is all grown up!
Thats the brief upshot for now , hopefully I'll post more soon before busyness of life makes me fall of the blogging wagon again...

Halfadoc xxx