Tuesday, 24 April 2012

ENT department trolls

Call me paranoid, but there MUST be an ENT department conspiracy to stop me attending my timetabled sessions/ just generally waste my time, surely this many clinics are not normally cancelled?!

I've had 3 (out of a timetabled 6) ENT clinics cancelled, plus an audiology clinic.  Of the 2 ENT clinics I have attended (the 3rd will be tomorrow) both times I've been in with a GP trainee (who therefore see less patients than say ENT consultants) while my colleagues have been in with the consultant/ registrar.  Both these clinics have had many of their few patients not attend and started at least an hour later than timetabled.  The audiology clinic I finally attended made me wait an hour in the waiting area before telling me they wouldn't actually have any patients till 11am - what? Why not mention this say an hour earlier so I could go to the library and get something done?!?

As a result I have probably seen 6 conscious ENT patients (I have seen more in surgery) and really know very little about ENT, haven't got 2 of my clinical skills signed off through literally no fault of mine, and I think its fair to say this rotation has well and truly put me off ENT! Rant over (for now ;D)

Its not really a conspiracy though, as I'm not the only student who has had issues getting into clinics - especially with audiology clinics.  Strangely I managed to attend audiology with no problems in 3rd year when I had to attend 10 random hospital departments for a sign off, walked straight in then, irony.  I wonder if I accidently stole a 4th years clinic? :/.