Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Not my blonde moment

Not my blonde moment

Firstly I'm sorry for being v.quiet on the blog front for a long while - final year is proving to be tough: Long days on the wards, teaching in the evenings and then the feeling that every spare moment I have should be spent revising...

Still finals will be finished in 3 months time hopefully provided I don't have any retakes *Touches everything wooden in sight*; so then I will try and catch up telling you tales of my fifth year because ironically along with being one of the busiest, its been one of the most worth blogging about!

Anyway today's post is not actually my story but a close friends which I thought was too good to share...

So this happened when my friend "B" was in her 3rd year.  She was due to watch angiography for the first time (angiography involves putting a small tube into one of your blood vessels and passing it up to the heart and then adding contrast.  This allows xrays to be taken of the small vessels of the heart to see if there is any narrowing or clots.  It is usually done if the patient has had a heart attack or suspected angina.)  Because of the xrays involved, medical staff have to wear heavy protective clothing or the regular exposure they get would cause them health risks.  Medical students also have to wear this clothing if they have to be present in such procedures.

Now the problem was than B hadn't ever been shown how to put on this clothing (to be honest, its pretty self explanatory though...) and nor had she seen people wearing it before.  One of the parts of the clothing is a thyroid guard which is basically like a kind of bib as shown below.  However poor B didn't know this so just put it on how she assumed it was meant to go.... .... Still I hear VISORS are making a comeback!

Apparently the consultant cracked up every time he saw her from then on!

Halfadoc x

P.s B has made it to fifth year with the rest of us and now knows when and when not to go for the 90's raver visor look!