Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Blonde Medic Moment 3: A lethal pocket dial

Blonde Medic Moment 3: A lethal pocket dial

September 2012: Ok this has got to be potentially one of my most embarrassing medical moments to date, and it literally happened about 30 minutes ago so this is hot off the press as it were....

So to set the scene:
Was just having a quick chat to my friend in his hospital accommodation about the surgical firm that he has just finished on and I have just started on.  The conversation was mostly about the F1 but also about the surgical team and our opinions of surgery in general...

Embarrassing topics we covered included

  • My friend having a crush on the F1
  • How the F1 is often late and seems pretty laidback (we weren't berating this, just commenting on it and saying that he doesn't seem any more keen on surgery than we are)
  • How neither of us are particularly keen on surgery at all and would prefer to spend time doing private study as it is probably more useful that the often waiting about style of surgery.
  • How my friend also had a bit of a crush on the registrar......
And other topics of conversation best not discussed here as my mother sometimes reads this blog...(Kidding mum)

Anyway I had a brief chat to someone else (nothing incriminating, just general banter) on my way back to my accomadation and then when straight back...  When I sat down I realised my phone had been pocket dialing the F1 for 3 whole potentially incriminating minutes... ..... Chances are I was safe and he wouldn't have heard anything beyond the later banter/ me walking, but that is waaaay too close for my comfort :/ .  Fingers crossed he didn't hear anything (especially as my friend would also be embarrassed) but what on earth were the chances of my phone picking that particular moment to dial the F1?! I swear these things could only happen to me!

Anyway I hope the thought of how much I am cringing now brings some enjoyment to your day at any rate! Trying hard to keep blogging reasonably regulary but fifth year is eating me alive and there are so many things I plan on blogging about that just don't make it to my blog.  If there's anything in particular anyone would like to hear more about please do comment below and I will try and focus on those areas for a bit! 

Halfadoc x

Friday, 14 September 2012

Blonde medic moment 2!

Blonde medic moment 2!

Time for another short blonde moment post! Okay this moment is made blonde by the fact it has occured recently and so has occurred whilst I am a final year and really should know better....

Consultant Surgeon (Lets call him Mr Stereotype for definitely no reason connected to his personality being a bit stereotypical of a surgeon...): Why is the Gallbladder important?

Me: It makes bile?

Mr Stereotype: Errrrm no, it doesn't make bile....

So why is it important??

Smart Student: It makes mucus

Mr Stereotype: Well Yes, but no, its important because removing it is paying for my children's private education.

And probably pays for his monday, tuesday and wednesday games of golf too (maybe he does  kidney stones for the thursday and friday games)