Thursday, 1 August 2013

First day of shadowing

So its finally here - I now have a hospital ID badge that says I am an fy1 doctor and a graduation present of a pink
Stethoscope saying Dr Halfadoc* around my neck. And yes, I feel like a massive fraud at the moment - kind of like a 14 year old playing dress up!

We've had all our induction talks - which seemed to me intent on scaring us senseless and informing us we would hate our lives for at least the first 6 weeks. I've also learnt that my first rotation orthopaedics is nicknamed awful-paedics here which sounds ... pleasant! But now for my first actual day on the wards, I ll let you know how it goes!

Dr Halfadoctor xx

*it may not say exactly that on it ;)


  1. Haha..the nickname is awesome.
    good look in your first day doctor.

  2. hi dr halfdoctor - congratulations on getting to the finishing line! time for a name change? I enjoyed reading your posts - ok I'm getting in touch because i really want some insider info. I'm doing a PhD by practice, and the practice part is writing a screenplay (i'm a film maker). In my script the hero finds himself sucked up into a thunderhead and struck by lightning (no really - it's not a comedy). He falls to earth under his chute - he's given CPR, taken to A&E but remains unconscious. I need to know some things about his medical treatment in hospital - but more importantly i need to know how the hero's brother can smuggle him out. I know this is a tall order - i've tried Kings in London but so far no joy. If you found just 10 or 15 mins in your busy schedule talk (skype?) i'd be embarrassingly grateful. If the film ever gets made you'd a fine big credit...

  3. Thanks Peace :)

    Greg sorry don't think I can be of any help there - firstly because talking on skype would ruin my anonymity which is important to fully protect my patients confidentiality; secondly treatment of a lightning strike is a bit beyond junior doctor level!

    Best of luck with the PhD though! Hope you find someone more senior who can help you.