Friday, 12 October 2012

Things can only get bettttter....

October 2012:  This last week and a bit started off so badly, with everything seeming to go wrong leaving me very fed up with medicine and my own disorganisation, fortunately I'm glad to say a week on and everything is already seeming a lot less stressful!  The main two items of stress are below, not the only ones by far, but the straws that broke the camels back I suppose because without them it all seems so much more manageable again :).

I've gone from having fits of rage that someone had taken my stethoscope from SAU where I had accidently left it over night (my stethoscope is by no means top of the range but its still £60 that I really can't afford to waste right now) to having my faith in humanity restored by someone responding to my "MISSING STETHOSCOPE" posters and getting it back to me.  It had been missing for 3 weeks and I leave this hospital in a week so I thought it was a gonna but had been paranoidly eying up all stethoscopes of the same colour to try and see if my name was engraved on them.  Its probably for the best that its turned up now, because staring at all those doctors' chests was probably a little creepy....

Furthermore I was having a major fit of rage at myself and a big panic about the fact I could not find my intercalated degree certificate and it is foundation job application time - if I couldn't get a replacement one by the 19th then my intercalated year would be a waste of time in the sense that I wouldn't get any points for it on my job application - I couldn't believe that I had successfully put things such as my Duckling Swimming Award certificate in a well organised folder but had no idea where the most important certificate I currently had was! Major fail!  I organised to get a replacement (another £26.50) and begged the admin lady to push it through faster than the 3 weeks quoted when sods law, 2 hrs after I had paid, my parents find my certificate at home. Doh!!  However the very kind admin lady arranged a refund for me even though my certificate had already been printed - what a gem! So once again faith in humanity restored :)

But at least I alway know where my duckling awards are, I mean WHO knows when someone may ask me to show proof of having earnt that...

Its also been a good week in that I've spent it in ITU which has been VERY interesting, plus I'm finally getting good at blood taking and cannulating - the doctors on this ward have actually commented that I'm very good! Now thats a change! 


  1. If you are going to put up a picture of a grade 2 award, I really hope you managed to earn the grade two, and aren't just trying to hard-sell yourself!

  2. sssssh I'm trying to impress people here, don't give the game away!