Friday, 14 September 2012

Blonde medic moment 2!

Blonde medic moment 2!

Time for another short blonde moment post! Okay this moment is made blonde by the fact it has occured recently and so has occurred whilst I am a final year and really should know better....

Consultant Surgeon (Lets call him Mr Stereotype for definitely no reason connected to his personality being a bit stereotypical of a surgeon...): Why is the Gallbladder important?

Me: It makes bile?

Mr Stereotype: Errrrm no, it doesn't make bile....

So why is it important??

Smart Student: It makes mucus

Mr Stereotype: Well Yes, but no, its important because removing it is paying for my children's private education.

And probably pays for his monday, tuesday and wednesday games of golf too (maybe he does  kidney stones for the thursday and friday games)

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