Saturday, 21 January 2012

National Paediatric Conference for medical students

Hey everyone, sorry for what is more of an advertisement than a post but a medic friend of mine from intercalating asked if I could put this up (and I will prob be attending so if you come along you can try and work out which of the conference attendees is secretly Halfadoc ;D!):

Dear Medical Student,
The BSMS Paediatric Society would like to invite you to theNational Medical Student Paediatric Conference (NMSPC) 2012the very first of it's kind.
Theme: "Journey through Paediatrics" National Medical Student Paediatric Conference
Hosts: Brighton & Sussex Medical School (BSMS) Paediatric Society
Date: 5-6th May Bank Holiday (over 2 days)
Venue: BSMS Teaching Building, University of Sussex, Falmer  Brighton
Confirmed speakers:
Great Ormond Street
Dr Sury (Paediatric Anaesthetist)
Mr Kiely (Paediatric Surgeon-
Dr Brierly (Paediatric ITU)
Brighton & Sussex Medical School
Professor Darrell Evans  (Professor of Anatomy- recently on
Brighton & Sussex University Hospital Trust
Professor Mukhopadhyay (Chair of Paediatrics, Subspecialty Respiratory-
Dr Male (Community Paediatrician- Sub-specialist interest Autism)
The conference will also include;
  • Careers talks
  • Inspiring patients and families of patients
  • Workshops (Paediatric related clinical skills, Paediatrics abroad, Hospice care)  
  • Elective booklet (directory of clinical electives in the UK and abroad)
  • Breakfast, lunch & refreshments provided
  • Poster conference (All poster titles submitted by 15th April 2012 will be displayed peer reviewed National prize for the conference will be awarded-further information to come)
Delegate Social
On the Saturday evening we shall also hold a black tie banquet event at Brighton's seafront Grand Hotel with Dr Keir Shiels(from BBC primetime programme “Junior Doctors: Your Life in their hands”) as an after dinner speaker. The ticket price will include a welcome drink, 3 course meal and 1/2 bottle of wine per person (soft drinks will be available).
Keir Shiels who is the after dinner speaker at conference ball
The conference is over a Bank holiday weekend, we have reserved some affordable accommodation options, book early to avoid disappointment;
Smart Seaview 01273 227497
9-12 St. Catherines Terrace,
East Sussex,

Booked for 5th May (1 night) - reserved until the 1st Feb. 

15 bed dorm @ £20.00pp
12 bed dorm @ £21.99pp
10 bed dorm @ £22.99pp
Company Name = BSMS Paedsoc
Reference Number = 5804
  • Early bird Conference & Ball Combined Ticket- £45.00
  • Conference (2 day)-£20.00
  • Conference (1 day)-£15.00
  • Ball-£27.50
These tickets are limited book early to avoid disappointment. Please follow the link to book your tickets
If you have any further questions please contact the committee on: Join our fb group for up to date information regarding the event:
We look forward to seeing you at the 1st National Medical Student Paediatric Conference.
BSMS Paediatric Society 2011/2012


  1. Given the colour of your page, I'm going to guess you are the one in the pink :P

  2. Perhaps :P. Or the one dressed as tinkerbell.

  3. Ugh, Keir Shiels. I knew him at Cambridge. Complete and utter twat with a stick so far up his arse he only took it out to take his monthly shit.

    Anyway, I hope it was fun.

  4. Hmm yes I couldn't quite make my mind up about him myself, tho his speech was funny at any rate. But yeah conference was good :)