Saturday, 27 August 2011

Welcome to Africa

25th aug - arrive in Tanzania .I m so excited to finally be here! Feels like I have been planning and waiting for my Elective for months and its the bit of my course I have been looking forward to since literally the start of med school (+ maybe even before that!). As a result I spent most the Journey here bouncing about like a kid on Smarties!

Still got a 14hour bus journey to go (at time of writting but maybe not posting due to lack of wifi currently) before we reach the mission hospital we are working in, but the bus leaves early in the morning so we should be there by tomorrow evening :D.

So far most people seem to speak English very well which means hopefully we should be able to Communicate with patients quite easily but as this is the capital it may be a false representation of eNglish abilities in general so we are trying to learn key Swahili phrases just in case . Currently I can say thank you ...Its a start ;).

Apolagies for Numerous typos in this + subsequent posts - can only blog at moment from a PDA and the transcriber function dislikes my stereotypical doctors handwritting! Will also add pictures to posts at a later date :)

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