Sunday, 17 April 2011

Why I am not doing my dissertation

So the draft of my intercalated dissertation is due 12 hours left on it then :/. So why am I blogging and not doing it, am I super organised have already sent it? No. Is it virtually finished? No. The cartoon to the left shows very effectively why I am not doing it. If you haven't worked out by now...I'm a pretty skilled procrastinator.

Also I am currently on that statistical analysis section.. and maths is not my strong point... plus SPSS the statistics programme we have to us is evil. In fact in yet another moment of procrastination I made the following graph to show my dislike of SPSS (but I used excel to make said graph thanks ;D ). Degree students feel free to steal my graph and spread the hatred of SPSS, just remember to reference me vancouver style ;).

(Nb, the Y axis shows sanity, it won't let me make the graph bigger) (And Yes, I didn't presume to start at 100% ;D)

Figure 1. a graph to show blah blah blah ;)

That is all for now. Next post should be more information and less about my hatred of dissertation :P. Back to it now, unfortuanately the dissertaton fairies haven't completed it in my absence, lazy beggars.

A-sleepy-confused-bored-halfadoc xx


  1. keep working, you're doing a great job.

  2. Procrastination can really be a part of dissertation writing, and I think it’s not really a bad idea to do it, as long as you do have time to work on the paper. Dissertation writing can take a toll mentally and physically on your body, so a break every once in a while can help you relieved the stress. Anyway, what happen to your dissertation? Did you finish it before the deadline?